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Project Description
This library contains code to interpret Futaba's S.BUS (channel bus) and S.BUS-2 (telemetry bus) communication protocol.

Using this library, you can either read the channel- and telemetry-information from the transmitter's student/teacher port, or read the telemetry information being sent from the model (RX) from a telemetry-receiver such as the robbe T-Box. You can also read binary-logs (the FLD file is not supported, as it's not a true log of the stream, and has an undocumented structure). If you require more information, please post in the discussions area.

The configuration of the slots is required, so the library knows how to interpret each slot. This information can be extracted from the transmitter's FLI file and can be modified to suite your needs. All known sensor-types are also extensible by altering the XML configuration file, so future or proprietary sensors can be interpreted as well.

Note: this is not an official Futaba project or code. All work here has been self-written based on information obtained from the internet and analyzing the data-stream of the transmitter and receiver.

Futaba is a registered trademark of Futaba Corporation Japan. We are in no way affiliated with them, nor do we give any guarantee that this codes suits any particular purpose.

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